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Why self-help books never really work

I have read innumerable self-help books only to realize that they are mostly useless. Here is why I think they are a waste of time: Knowing is not doing- that's the first lesson I learned. I know the perfect solutions to my problems but knowing them does not give me the will to work on those solutions The will to work comes from within. It's not easy to beat the inertia and status quo by just reading a book. Self-help books are like a placebo- they give you a feel-good as if you have cracked the puzzle of whatever you needed to fix in your life but a few days down the road, you remain where you were.  Remember the words of Ras- Al- Ghul in Batman begins-” Training is nothing, the will is everything” so just work on that WILL!!! and yeah if people knew how to stoke their will, we would all have been Steven Covey's highly effective people with those 7 habits ;)