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To be or not to be…pragmatic

I have watched the movie October around a year ago and then I planned to write a review about it and then like several of my plans it took off, then limped, and then died out of negligence for life got in the way. After about a year, I hardly remember much about the movie to write a review, but I still remember where it hit me. The protagonist is a carefree young boy who’s breezing through life aimlessly, till one day when a girl from his class accidentally falls down the building before him that life is no longer the same for him. He barely had any relationship with the girl, yet when he sees her in that vegetative state in the hospital he is shaken. He cannot shake off that uneasiness, so he visits her every day. He gets so lost in caring for the girl and supporting her family in this hour of crisis that he loses track of his own college and work. His friends ask him to get over her and think through what he’s doing with his life, to which he replies- “tum log kya har cheez