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My Eureka Moment

I had a sudden eureka moment today. I have realized that as you grow old in life your Eureka moments become rarer and therefore if you have one at this age and stage it calls for some sort of celebration- and my writing of this post is manifestation of one such celebration which for any other time and event would have succumbed to my laziness and procrastination. I have always believed in strength of character and admired it in people whenever I witnessed it, but several experiences in life and several seasons of ‘house of cards’ makes you a skeptic ☺ You begin to think that to be successful in life you need to be a little mean and manipulative and may be loosen up a bit on all those noble traits that Plato and Socrates vouched for. Paul Tough in his book ‘How children succeed’ argues that to be successful in life you need, not just cognitive skills like IQ but a lot of non-cognitive skills too like grit, determination, resilience and strength of character. His philosophy is not