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Movie review - London Paris NewYork

There is no movie in recent times that has so casually presented love without really undermining or simplifying the complexity that comes with it. I may go so far as calling it Woody Allen-ish, because one parallel that comes to mind is ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’. Although VCB is far more intellectually stimulating with undertones and subtleties that LPNY cannot match but there is an overall similarity in the approach i.e. a simple breezy presentation without being melodramatic or didactic about anything. The movie is made by a d├ębutante women director 'Anuradha Menon’     (more popularly known as 'Lola Kutty’ of MTV) and and as they say for authors I guess its true for first time directors too-who also happen to be first time scriptwriters-that it has shades of their own self. At many points in the film the characters and conversations become so earthy that you wonder if its autobiographical. The theme is quite simple and the format pretty much NOT overused.The movie